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Client Requirements: 

The objective was to migrate and upgrade the existing site to Drupal 6 with some additional features. The site provides information about the company, the projects undertaken by it, their services, recently awarded projects, press releases and career opportunities. The client wanted to import content from Adolfson & Peterson site, and to display it along with Rushforth content.

Why Drupal: 

Framework to efficiently enter, manage, categorize content and also the ability to easily customize to successfully implement requirements by the clients.

Implementation Details: 

Feeds module was used for fetching content created for specific content types from the Adolfson & Peterson site. On every cron run, the content gets imported. We also created a custom module to import the content for some content types. We categorized the content by using taxonomies so that we could use the default taxonomy callbacks to display data for a particular category. Contents belonging to their categories were displayed using views. Nice menu combined with custom JQuery was used to create the drop-down list of the primary menu items.