My association with Venus Labs for the past couple years has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! I've had the great pleasure to partner with Yashesh, Prakash, both from premier US universities, and the rest of the Venus Labs team very closely (nearly every day!) as they were critical in giving birth to my website, uDebug, and then continuing to care for it through its nascent stages.
When I first spoke to Yashesh about the idea I had for uDebug, after going through at least a hundred other web companies across the world and having teleconferenced with a few, it was still vague in my mind. However, since I had dabbled with Drupal at university we realized that we shared the same passion for this great open-source platform. So, he was able to take these vague requirements and run with it, giving it a concrete shape and providing me with a working prototype within just a couple weeks - despite the deeply technical nature of the site. What struck me early on is that Yashesh said that there were no charges or other obligations in regards to payments for the prototype. And that if I was not satisfied, it was fine. Needless to say, this was the best prototype I had seen because no other shop had understood my concepts - let alone develop a working prototype! It was also a reflection of their impeccable ethics, generosity, kindness, and of course, technical prowess - themes that are the very fabric of not only Yashesh and Prakash but the entire Venus Labs team.
Over the years, uDebug has grown many fold over, increasing exponentially in complexity but there have never been any major issues ever! In fact one of Venus Labs' former clients told very early on that I had made the right decision to go with them. He added, that "If Prakash has engineered a design, you can rest assured that it will just work!". And I can second this opinion!
When I look back now at how much care and effort the Venus Labs team has poured over uDebug, I can help but feel deeply grateful and happy. I could not have chosen a better Drupal shop to partner with and if you make the decision to team up with them, I promise you that you will feel this way too!
— Vinit Shah - uDebug.com

I have been working with Venuslabs for last 5 years. They built my current website as well as the website for my previous business. The team knows Drupal very well and with both websites, they created an architecture that made it very easy for me to make content changes as and when I wanted to refresh the website. The team is professional and easy to work with. They are very good at understanding business requirements and translating that to technical implementation.
— Paawan Kothari - Chaicart

"CoachingOurselves hired Yashesh, Prakash and the team to develop our CoachingOurselves website on Drupal. They did a fantastic job. The key for us was responsiveness. They were there everytime we needed them. We ended up working with them for many years. As our business grew and evolved they were able to rapidly develop the new features our clients and partners required. I strongly recommend Yashesh and team for any Drupal work you need, it was one of our best investments!"

— Phil LeNir, President, CoachingOurselves International Inc.

We've been working with Venuslabs since Dec 2008 and they have been instrumental in providing Drupal / CivCRM module and theme customizations to our web applications.

3 things distingush their service :

Prompt responsiveness : team members are excellent in terms of both the timeliness and quality of their communications. Deadlines are consistently met. The team's ability to execute and trouble-shoot projects of increasing complexity stands out.

Flexibility : the entire team is well-trained and equipped to capably handle project requirements of all types. Additionally, certain customizations and requirements have been adeptly deployed with special emphasis on meeting our needs.

Collaboration : the team, led by Yash and Prakash, has time and again shown their ability to adapt to our evolving project requirements and move rapidly to correct any site issues and work with our team to remedy any coding issues.

UWS greatly appreciates their spirit of tean work and can do approach and strongly recommend them.

— Douglas McCabe, President Union Web Services, Inc.

We've been using the services of Venuslabs since Nov 2008 and have found them to be strong in Drupal technology (module development and themeing). They also do a reasonably good job of CiviCRM customization.

Our main thrust of work was when we upgraded a fully loaded jeconline.com from Drupal 6 to 7. This was a complicated one due to heavy customization and we were able to successfully migrate the data and code to D7.

— Milton Schwartz JecOnline

Yashesh and his team are absolute top-rate Drupal developers. They’re willing to work as white label or as a silent partner, work quickly, and always produce elegant, standards-compliant code on both front and back ends. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

— Stacey Elms

I've been using Venus for about 10 years to do development work on all aspects of Drupal and CiviCRM. Yashesh and his team are professional, skilled, cost-effective and on-time. Unlike many shops, they will tell you when something might be beyond their capabilities. Perhaps more importantly, they are there in emergencies. When our server crashed during our busiest period, Venus had people go back into the office in the middle of the night to help get us back up and running. I unreservedly recommend Venus for your Drupal development needs.

— Marvin Schuldiner NJAPM