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11th Apr 2011
Many people get confused about how does the Zen layouts work.The main confusion is in understanding how the negative margins are given to the regions .
So here's an article to explain the concept behind the Zen layout.
The order of elements in HTML is, Header, Content, Navbar, Left sidebar, Right sidebar and Footer respectively.
But the elements appear visually as Header, Navbar, Left Sidebar, Content, Right Sidebar and Footer respectively.
The figure below displays the ideal zen structure with width of the page.
Total width of the page is 960px and the width of the each sidebar is 200px and the width of the content is 560px
Initially without any styling, all the regions will appear one below the other like this
                                                     Left Sidebar
                                                     Right Sidebar
Firstly all the regions are floated left. After floating the regions , the structure will look like the following figure.
Now to place the left side bar at extreme left side and align the content and right sidebar accordingly after left side bar, we need to calculate the left and right margins.

The margin left is calculated according to the position of the region.
Now the position of content needs to be after the left sidebar so the margin left of the content will be 200px (i.e width of the left sidebar)
For Left Sidebar the margin-left will be 0.
And right sidebar needs to be after Left sidebar and the Content so its margin-left will be 760px (i.e 200px + 560px).

The following figure shows that content is shifted 200px from the left side and as the margin-left of the Left Sidebar is 0 so it remains in the same position.

The margin-right of all the regions will be calculated as Margin-right = - (Margin-left + width)
For the content , the margin-right =  -(200px+560px) = -760px
Similarly for Left Sidebar the margin-right = -(0 +200px) = -200px
and for Right Sidebar the margin-right = -(760px+200px) = -960px

As shown in the above figure the left sidebar was at the right side, so in order to pull it to the left side the content has been given a negative margin-right. And to pull the Right Sidebar after the content, the margin-right: -200px is given to the left sidebar. And a negative right-margin of 960px is given to tighten the layout and to remove the spacing at the right sidebar of the page.

The following image shows up the margin used and the structure.

The same technique can be used to place both the sidebars at the right side of the content. Hope this article is helpful and easy to understand.
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