1. What is Centrico:

Repository of information for various elements comprising of an Education Eco System viz.
  • Students, Parents, Classrooms, Grades, Attendance
  • Teachers, Subjects, Timetables
  • Fees, Library, ID Cards,
  • Certificates (bonafide, leaving, fee, first attempt etc)
  • Payroll, HR for teachers / staff
  • Online access - Anytime / Anywhere.

2. Who Can Use It?

  • Students, Parents
  • Teachers, Supervisors
  • Exam Coordinators, Librarians
  • Finance and HR Admins
  • Principal, Vice Principal
  • Management and Trustees

3. What are the benefits?

  • Instant access to efficiently stored, organised data
  • Redundant storage providing a 2nd layer of backup in case of loss of data
  • Audit & Revision control of every record
  • Reduction of paper and faster reporting
  • Improved efficiency for teachers, students,  administrators, parents and management

4. Is it SECURE ?

  • Using industry standard SSL protocol
  • Logging is done at database and operating system level to check intrusions
  • Access control for content is done via strict rules for various ROLE TYPES
  • NO access provided to anonymous users
  • Can be hosted in an Intranet or Internet

5. Can I Customise It?

  • Can be customised fairly easily
  • Most reporting is achieved via powerful Views
  • Built on Drupal framework which encourages customisations by developing module and themes per school requirement
  • Since framework is Drupal it can be customised by 3rd party vendors

6. Customers Using Centrico:

  • Currently being used by Shree Krishna International School, Anand International Public School,
    Nagindas Khandwala College Autonomous
  • Used by Teachers, Staff (Finance/HR) and Management
  • Heavily used Features:
  1. Timetable, Certificate Generation
  2. Student & Classroom - storage, lookup, admission and ID Card generation
  3. Fee recording with tight integration to Tally ERP 9 and ICICI bank CSV import
  4. Attendance with SMS integration to Pinnacle and mVaayo
  5. Manage & Generate student lists for bus routes, outdoor events (picnics etc)
  6. Purchase Order requisition and approval workflow
  7. Report generation and analysis for student / teacher
  8. Salary generation with CSV for PF department and ICICI bank deposits
  • Shri Krishna International School Vapi
  • Anand international School

7. Centrico Insights :