How it works
Buyer's landing page
Buyer's contact form
Client Requirements: 

This site is for property seller's to easily lease or sell their properties. Sellers needs to register their properties on the site.The buyer will select the properties according to their interest and fill up the contact form with his details and he should get a credit score through a credit offer site. All the Buyers information should be displayed on the seller's dashboard and based on this sellers will decide the who the best prospects for his/her property.

Why Drupal: 

Creating custom forms and altering them according to requirement is very easy in Drupal. The main feature of creating the sellers dashboard with all the details of buyers can be managed using drupal

Implementation Details: 

Created a content type for buyers contact form. The Buyers landing page is created programmatically and used flash to display the 3D map to highlight the buyer's location. Verification of buyers address is achieved using third party API's.Created the sellers dashboard using Views. The mockup templates are converted to custom drupal theme.